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An exciting way of sharing your event with persons who cannot be physically present is Webcasting. An internet connection is all you need to view everything that occurs at your event, be it in anywhere in the town or in the country or for that matter anywhere in the world. Best part is that there is no need to wait for the event to be over and recorded. It can be viewed live as it is happening and Webstream is one of the best Webcast Providers.

The webcast services are the media file distribution over the internet using streaming media technology. A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand. Simply put live webcasting is nothing but "broadcasting" over the internet.

Real Time listening as well as viewing of the Speaker or the Presenter can take place in the webcast; hence it is quite similar to viewing a live event on the television. The Webcast Platform and live webcasting services of Webstream enjoys certain advantages in comparison to a television or any other channel of broadcast -

  • As a tool of communication webcasting services are highly cost effective and very well accepted across industries.
  • The distribution of content through webcast service providers, can take place geographically as well as regionally without any restrictions.
  • Our rich text based Q&A module facilitates interaction of the viewers with the speaker.
  • Our unique polling feature allows the Presenters and the Speakers to get instant feedback from their viewers.
  • The webcast can be viewed either live or on-demand (recorded) depending on the viewer's choice.
  • The webcast can be viewed from home, office or a public location depending on the choice of the viewers.
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