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IR & Analyst Meet Webcasts

Analysts meets are events conducted on a quarterly basis. The invitation is extended to analysts of various financial institutions and brokerage houses. The objective of inviting these analysts is to apprise them of the company's profit and loss situation, the investment plans for the future, etc.

Traditionally, such meets were confined to a handful of people who were invited to the banquet hall. The teams of Corporate Communications of different companies found it valuable to webcast the live event to the analysts who were unable to attend it physically or were residing in some other city or nation.

Benefits of Webstream's Virtual Analyst Meet

  • The company's performance can be tracked by analysts present the world over
  • Enhances the market image
  • Gives the company an edge over competition
  • Cost of physical investor meets as well as conference calls is curtailed
  • Wins the trust of customers, employees and stakeholders
  • Capital can be raised with ease
  • Repetition of questions is limited
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