KOL Webinars & Live ISP Streaming Services in India


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KOL Webinars & Live ISP Streaming Services in India

Broadcast KOL Webinars & ISPs on our online virtual platform to a number of cities in India where the speakers need not travel physically

These are events where the International Speaker is invited by the Pharma or Healthcare Companies to visit their country and meet their customers (doctors). Such tours are organised across 4 to 5 metro cities where the International Speaker physically travels and delivers the session to a physical audience.

One of these sessions are normally webcasted live on the Webstream Online Platform to a number of cities in the country where the International Speaker would not be travelling physically.

This allows the doctors from other cities or towns to participate in the event virtually, take benefit of the science discussed and route their questions through the moderator at the hub location to the International Speaker. Further it helps cover the audiences across the length and breadth of the country at a negligible cost in a single event.

Benefits of a Live ISP

  • Class I, II & III towns can be reached without the need for a sophisticated infrastructure.
  • Medical Practitioners & Doctors from small towns get the high of asking questions to an Authority on the Subject.
  • It establishes an image of an Academically Driven Pharmaceutical or Healthcare Company.
  • Doctors in other cities feel they are part of the same bus & appreciate the efforts taken by the Pharma or Healthcare Companies in imparting education.
  • Frequency of Events can be increased due to savings in the marketing budget.
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