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best 3d virtual event platform

Best Online 3D Virtual Events Platform in India

Create highly engaging and interactive events on our cutting-edge 3D virtual events platform.
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Adaptive 3D virtual events platform in India

Deliver an immersive and impactful experience to your attendees on our fully customizable 3D virtual events platform that is responsive and compatible across all devices.




Get cost benefits and save a lot of time while driving tangible results for your event goals. On our platform attendees can take part in a secure virtual environment from the comfort and convenience of their home or office.
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Drive more

Create compelling virtual conferences, sessions and meetings on our online 3D virtual events platform. Excite your attendees with virtual environments that are informative and designed to increase engagement.


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events executed

Create an attendee-centric experience for events in a virtual environment

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Custom design and branding
Create one-of-a-kind virtual environments with our 3D virtual event solutions which offers 3D registration desk, 3D lobby design, virtual walkthrough, virtual booths, Panel Boards (for Speaker Information, Agenda), Chat, Feedback, Add-to-calendar, breakout sessions and more features. Showcase a consistent fully branded experience through our virtual platform for optimal attendee impact.
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Increase active participation
and interaction
Conduct secure live stream events, simulive events and video on-demand sessions with interactive tools like Q&A, Polling, Survey and Feedback options to keep your audience actively engaged during the events.
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Gain actionable insights
Our analytics dashboard suite provides real-time reports and key statistics about your attendees. Get insightful metrics like when people entered, dropped-off and how long they stayed during a session. Optimize your live events accurately with actionable data.