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How to conduct the best corporate virtual event in India?

February 1, 2023

Gone are the days when events meant only face-to-face interaction. Yes, there is a certain charm and value in it but post the pandemic, going virtual has become the norm. It started off by being more of a necessity, but it soon became viral and widespread in its use.

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is where the attendees participate and experience the event online. Examples of virtual events include webinars, live videos, video conferences, etc. The only difference is that there is no venue and no on-site participants. Virtual events are no longer restricted to just simple presentations and webinars online. With proper planning and the use of the latest technologies available, a virtual event can take a much bigger scale and be an engagement-driven experience.

How to conduct a great corporate virtual event?

Due to the scalability and flexibility offered by virtual events, more and more corporates are opting for them. The biggest advantage of corporate virtual events, perhaps, is the fact that there are no location boundaries. Employees worldwide can participate in virtual events from the comfort of their homes/offices. This also proves financially viable for companies vis-à-vis arranging multiple events in different locations and/or arranging travel for employees to attend the on-locale event.

Hosting a virtual corporate event requires the same level of planning and attention to detail as a physical event would.

Before the event

  • Start by recognizing and setting your event objectives, understanding your target audience, and detailing a complete strategy for your virtual event.
  • Decide the budget for your event. You could also invite exhibitors and sponsors for your virtual event (will work in publicity and also aid with the budget)
  • Choose the right platform to conduct your virtual corporate event. This is of extreme importance as the platform could determine the success or failure of your virtual event. Companies like Webstream Communications offer cutting-edge technologies and features like live webcasting, voting pad, 3D virtual platforms, 360 immersive experiences, real-time interactive polls, and more. All these features can help your virtual event engage better with the attendees and make it easier for you to plan and manage the whole event.
  • Test the selected platform in advance to fix kinks (if any).
  • Have the content ready for the virtual event
  • Register the employees before the event to streamline the process.

During the event

  • Start with crucial information like agenda, speakers, event navigation, etc. This helps people stay prepared.
  • Engage the audience with polls, surveys, live Q&A sessions, games, etc. The success of your event depends on your audience engagement. You can use Webstream’s real-time interactive poll feature to engage better with your participants. 
  • Provide opportunities for the audience to actively participate and also network with each other during the virtual event. You can have breakout sessions for the same.

After the event

  • Before ending the event, collect feedback from the attendees. Analyze this feedback to help you better plan your future events. Webstream offers extensive data analytics to help you out with this.
  • Market the success of your virtual event on your company website as well as across different social media platforms. Post photos, videos, and snippets from the event online.


A successful event involves active engagement between the speakers and participants. You need to plan and aim for better audience participation. Connect with the Webstream team and take guidance from their experts. They can help you develop an end-to-end, deeply immersive and engaging yet budget-friendly solution for your virtual corporate event.

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